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Custom Silicone Watch Bands for Smart Watches

Custom Silicone Watch Bands for Smart Watches

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There bands fit Apple watches:
*38/40 S/M or M/L or 42/44 S/M or M/L. Please  be sure of size needed prior to placing order. 
The colors of the bands may vary in person due to color differences in your monitor/display. 
This band is made of silicone, they are not Apple brand bands; they are generic bands. that fit Apple Watches. Silicone can stretch over time.

If your engraving is filled, it is normal to have some fading over time. You can refill with paint pens from your local craft store.

See photo for color selection,  please add color selection in order notes and filling color.  

Band Care tips

  • Gently clean with a old toothbrush, dish soap and water. 
  • Avoid chemicals such as alcohol, acetone, paint thinners and abrasive cleaners. 
  • Dark clothing on light color bands can stain your band.  Light bands also get dirtier faster. 
  • If your engraving has a chalky finish, use a small amount of cooking oil on it and rub into the engraving, soak for a few minutes and then wipe clean. 

Design ideas: Logo, names, Mother, Father, Grandparent, Religious, Handwritten message, Signature, favorite phrase, flowers, Nurse life, teacher life, hearts, stars, animal print, Monogram, Designer inspired, sports, Sports Team, Survivor, or custom design of your choice. 


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