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Custom Adult T-shirts

Custom Adult T-shirts

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Please contact us prior to placing a order to determine how we can best assist you and to appropriately select your item. 

Please select appropriate item. If you want glitter or other specialty material be sure to select that option as well as your shirt style, etc. Shirts are unisex, if you would like a ladies fit or long sleeve, add that option to cart as well. Please note, ladies fit run slimmer and you may need to size up in some instances. 

Be sure to select the appropriate STYLE of shirt, Standard-Vinyl only, Premium-Photo Transfer or Dye Transfer (design is permanently embedded into the fibers of the garment.

For Dye Transfer tee- shirt is polyester with a cotton-like feel.  For this technique the high quality ink is permanently embedded into the fibers of the shirt. Must use white or light color shirt.  Any white creases, voids or wrinkles are a natural part of the dye transfer process and add to the uniqueness of each item.

Please add information in the note section regarding shirt color, design color, theme, etc. 

Ladies shirts, long sleeve shirts, glitter and back design are available for an additional fee. YOU MUST PURCHASE LADIES FIT UPGRADE and/or glitter/specialty Upgrade and/or back design TO THE CART FOR EACH SHIRT THAT IS REQUESTED IN ADDITION TO THE FRONT. For example, you want a women’s for small photo shirt. You would add the small photo shirt to the cart, then add the ladies for option to the cart as well before checking out. 

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